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Transportation and Logistics

Financial, tax, and legal management in the Transportation and Logistics area can be quite complicated. Saga Consulting aims to make this entire process easier to ensure the client’s wide internal development.


The start of any entrepreneurship needs time optimization and knowing how to use this investment correctly. That is why Saga Consulting is able to establish a service that meets your administrative demands, saving you time and ensuring your money is well used.


Are you interested in starting and maintaining a teaching institution, but unsure how to proceed with the tax, accounting, and financial area? Nor how to best take advantage of your investment? No problem, that’s what we are here for. We will help and guide you on how to achieve full business development, demystifying complexities, so that your students and employees may get the best out of their institution


There also bureaucratic processes in the Brazilian economy’s secondary sector that may become a challenge to be faced by several companies. Saga Consulting’s team of expert professionals will help your industry continue to achieve results and be up to date with their obligations.


Saga Consulting understands the importance of the third sector for Brazil’s economy, as such we seek to deliver our clients a strategic plan, able to achieve full development and attribute value to their business.


All that a customer seeks, in addition to a high-quality product or service, is efficiency and great service. It won’t be any different with you. The market is volatile, but our team is up to date and able to deliver dynamic solutions that will increase your development in this area.

Foreign Companies

Considering the international economic scenario, currency variations and inflation, Saga Consulting develops strategic plans for your business, to prevent and mitigate incurred risks, in addition to keeping the manager up to date on all foreign market updates.

Third Sector

Accounting consultancy specialized in Accounting for Companies in Transportation and Logistics is essential. We help the businessperson maintain their business in an honest and long-lasting way in such a competitive market.


The world is increasingly more technological and the “boom” from startups has fed this process. Do you want to reach your maximum potential, having a company that grows without you having to worry about financial risks? Saga Consulting thinks of everything for you.

Civil Construction

We aid in the development and lead bureaucratic processes inherent to the management of your company, both Human Resources and managing payroll. In addition, we conduct audits to identify improvement areas and strengthen internal controls, so that the manager may focus on the end goal.


100% humanized online accounting focused on the commitment and excellence of the services provided. A solution developed for self-employed professionals, service providers, and service companies.

National and Foreign Accounting Consultancy

Compliance with laws, risk management, cost reduction, managerial reports.

Financial BPO

Financial BPO is a service that will help you manage your business accounts. By hiring a Financial BPO, the company’s management can achieve agility and control cashflow and accounting activities.

Tax Consultancy | Recovery of Tax Credits

Management and suitability to taxes, fulfilling tax obligations, reducing tax costs.

Corporate Consulting

Corporate acts, legalizations, mergers, acquisitions, compliance with legislation, streamlining processes.

Legal Representation of Foreign Companies

Legal compliance, reduction of risks and costs, facilitation of commercial transactions, searching for new opportunities.

Consultoria Tributária

Gestão e adequação dos tributos, cumprimento das obrigações fiscais, redução de custos fiscais.

What our clients have said

SAGA CONSULTING is absolutely reliable and efficient in accounting. In addition, the service is entirely customized, and the accountants see the company together, proposing improvements and greatly contributing to the growth of your business. I recommend it to all professionals, especially those who are self-employed and small companies that are starting and growing. You can trust SAGA CONSULTING; they will be there for you at all times!

Marcelo Araújo

| Day and Night Viagens

Us from Top Net Brazil Telecomunicações have been clients of Saga Consulting since we were founded in 2010. I highlight as the main reasons behind this long partnership the team’s professional ability, always staying up to date with current legislation, the quality of the service and the customized support provided to meet our demands within deadlines, the availability of the title holder to understand the client’s business and provide the best consultancy in recommending solutions, and, lastly, the commitment towards ethics and the best management practices.

Nelson Gimenez

| TNB Telecom

Saga has been a part of MRJ2 languages since the beginning. And 21 years have gone by. Throughout the economy’s highs and lows, we have already relied on the competence and expertise of their professionals, especially Antônio Romano, whom we have always turned to before making important decisions. As such, we have grown and acquired another unit. And Saga continues to be our partner, conveying trust and providing support whenever necessary. We trust and recommend Saga’s services, that go way beyond accounting.

Maria Lucia Carbonelli


I am Rodrigo Carnaval, manager of accounting relationship at the company OMIE and today I am providing a statement to an accounting firm that is a great partner that’s efficient and consults their clients. Throughout these years of partnership, I was able to effectively see how SAGA ASSESSORIA CONTABIL LTDA has been making a difference in the life of managers in Brazil, with customer satisfaction regarding their work, organization, and execution of accounting in every service provided in their life. I thank the CEO Antonio Romano for the partnership and for bringing prosperity into the lives of his clients, evolving more and more with the automatization of consulting accounting. “The secret to success can be discovered through the satisfaction of your clients” A great and special hug!!!

Rodrigo Carnaval


Accounting & tax complexity in Brazil, I think that it isn’t easy to keep the agenda up to date with tax commitments in a city, state, and federal scope. In this context, I can affirm the quality of the performance as well as applaud the excellence of SAGA professionals in these nearly 18 years of relationship. There’s a “dash” of humanity and commitment towards the client in the SAGA team that keeps me at peace. It has always worked out. To 18 more years !! Thank you, SAGA !!

Ronaldo Barata

| Topipar

My experience with SAGA CONSULTING has been great, we have been together for 1 year and I love it, because it is not only accounting, but they also provide consultancy services as well and my company has grown a lot with their help!

Marcelo Periolo

| Folow-us Consultoria

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